Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only $99!

Via my colleague Aleck L.  This cartoon very nicely illustrates the general mindset of the three major operating systems' users.

In the case of Linux, most laptop/desktop users are hard-core “hackers”, familiar with things like UNIX commands and vi.  They tend to think of Linux as a vehicle for using all kinds of free open source software goodies.

Windows users, on the other hand, are sick and tired of the endless updates required just to keep their systems from being hopelessly compromised by Chinese or North Korean hackers.  The vast majority of these updates bring nothing new with them, so there's no reward (unless you count not being hacked) for the time and effort (and not insubstantial risk) in installing them.

Mac users get relatively few updates, and when they do get them, they generally come with all kinds of new and interesting functionality.  They're generally quite happy to fork over some coin to get the new stuff (Mac upgrade rates are astonishingly high).

The cartoon says all of that in a couple square inches...

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  1. Hey, don't forget HP's WebOS.... oh wait... never mind. ;P