Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes, You're Just Amazed...

Just over a month ago, Frankie joined our little development team.  She keeps a blog that I think of as part of her recovery plan – recovery from a profoundly sad event in her life a couple of years ago (I'll let her tell that story through her blog).  The blog is called “Hope Rising”; a title that is hopeful in and of itself.

Well, this morning I visited her blog for the first time in a few days, and found this beautiful post.  The paragraph below was just one of several that I stopped and reread a few times:
My pursuit of hope introduced me to what I have come to call the space in between. The place in my life where what was is gone and what will be has yet to be revealed. It’s the place where the only road available is the one forged with decisions and consequences of my past and my only power is in choosing the demeanor with which I walk it. For me that road was letting go of Arielle and walking that road in pursuit of hope was my spoken choice.
Arielle is the subject of the sad event. The post this comes from is all about Frankie being ready to run in her first half-marathon – which she did on the next day.  That's her at right, crossing the finish line.

I'm proud to know you, Frankie.  And I'm looking forward to knowing you better...

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