Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Morning...

Our morning began a tad earlier than usual today, thanks to our menagerie.  Race (our border collie) was curled up tightly on our bed, between Debbie and I.  His nose was resting on my arm.  Maka Lea (our cutest little cat) was tucked up in a fold of the blanket behind the crook of Debbie's knee.  Mo'i (one of our field spaniels) was in his usual place, under the blankets down by Debbie's feet.  Miki (our youngest field spaniel) was lying on my feet.

This was the setup when the fun began.

It started with Miki at about 1 am, who decided to crawl up the length of my body, snuffling right into my face, his tail wagging like mad.  You could almost hear him saying “Get up! Get up! It's time to play!”  Then Race decided he was jealous of the attention Miki was getting, and he started nipping playfully at Miki, and generally getting rowdy.  This was more than Maka Lea could take, so he started acting all grumpy – whacking away at any passing limb.

Debbie and I gave up any hope of sleeping until some reasonable hour (like 3 am).  We turned on the light and saw Maka Lea blinking furiously, and still grumpy.  We hissed at Race, which always gets him frantically playful, trying to kiss our faces to make us stop hissing (we have no idea why he does this!).  Miki left in disgust, then came back because he was jealous of the attention being paid to Race.

Mo'i just slept through it all, even when Miki and Race stepped on him.  That's our Mo'i...

We got up.


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