Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Terrified Democratic Majority, Hard at Work...

The Democrats refused to take up the issue of the expiring G. W. Bush tax cuts before the election.  One consequence of their refusal is that the Treasury Department can't make the 2011 tax tables, because they don't know what the tax rates are going to be. 

On the one hand, it seems politically unlikely that all of the G. W. Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire, because that would mean extremely unpopular tax increases on most U.S. citizens right in the middle of the ongoing recession.  On the other hand, nobody can predict right now exactly how the G. W. Bush tax cuts might be extended (or modified, or even increased!). 

So even if the Treasury Department tried to make a good guess (something, by the way, they've never had to do before), they'd almost certainly get it wrong.  By getting it wrong, millions of Americans will have either too much or too little tax withheld – bad news either way.

All of this is happening for exactly one reason: the Democrats didn't have the political balls to confront the issue before the election.  Obama, their leader, demonstrated nothing but squishiness on the issue.  One of the most important things we hired elected them to do is to deal with our nation's finances, and the sorry sacks of horse excrement can't bring themselves to do even this (mainly, one presumes, because it would entail admitting that their spending binges were going to have tax consequences). 

The lesson to me is as clear as air I'm breathing: throw the bums out!  Bring in a new bunch, with a message ringing in their ears: do the work we hired elected you to do!!!

November 2 is coming soon to a polling place near you...

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