Saturday, October 16, 2010

Interplanetary Conclave of Light...

Unarian “polarities”
I have posted about the Unarians on several previous occasions.  By this time I've read quite a bit about them – a couple books, many web articles, etc.  I've visited their headquarters in El Cajon.  Learning more about them doesn't help me with my fundamental Unarian problem: I just cannot fathom how adult humans can actually believe this stuff.  In fact, the more I learn about them, the more they seem like a comedic parody – but they most decidedly are the real deal.  These people walk among us. 

Even more frighteningly, they can vote.

On October 9th and 10th (last weekend), they held their annual “Interplanetary Conclave of Light”.  This news article is clearly written by someone who has the same difficulty believing the Unarians as I do.  Here's one quote of particular interest to those who, like me, live in Lawson Valley:
...when the space brothers come, it will be in 33 different spaceships that will land one on top of the other on 60 acres of land near Jamul, Calif., a small town about 30 miles east of San Diego that is known for its rolling, rocky terrain.
You see, that 60 acres is just a mile or so from my home. We've visited it several times, looking for any signs of its specialness. I'm pretty sure that the only special thing about this particular plot of land is that at the time the Unarians bought it, it was very cheap.

But I can't get the Unarian's claim out of my brain – their claim that 33 spaceships are going to land here, one atop the other, to form a 33 spaceship tall tower over yonder. I can see where that tower would be through my living room window. This tower of light would dominate the view to the northwest of me.

I don't want a spaceship tower there, thank you very much. I like the glowing spaceship-free view I have right now.

Here's what that photo is about:
With that flourish, 33 Unarians came out from stage right and stage left. Each carried a banner with the name of a planet and its "polarity," the person who has been the main contact with the Unarians.

For instance, Susa is the polarity for Endinite, a planet that, a while back, suffered a series of wars that caused the people to be born with two extra arms growing out of their stomachs. The arms were useless, but after Susa contacted Uriel, the spiritual name of Unarius co-founder Ruth Norman, he was able to "raise the frequency" of the planet and get the arms back to normal.
For 27 years, the members of the Unarius Academy of Science, a UFO group based near San Diego, hold the Interplanetary Conclave of LIght, a two-day event celebrating Earth's admission into a Confederation with 32 other planets.

After the conclave, the Unarians made every effort to keep the frequencies high throughout the whole weekend with an open house at their center in El Cajon, Calif., that featured what Kennedy described as "some futuristic objects on display"; a demonstration of technology discovered by 19th century scientist Nikola Tesla that can supposedly supply the world with free energy; a past life therapy meeting; and what may have been the highlight: a mental transmission from a representative from one of the planets in the confederation, sent through one of the Unarians.
The central mystery for me remains – how on earth does one talk oneself into believing such utter and obvious rubbish?

And if you do believe in such rubbish, who are you voting for on November 2, and why (though I tremble to ask that last bit)?

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