Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back Home Again...

And it sure is nice to be here.  I picked up another danged virus of some kind on the way home, but this one is nowhere near as bad as the last one.  I just feel slightly peaked, with a touch of a stuffy nose.  Not so bad...

As I write this, the sky is completely overcast and everything is wet from drizzle, and the forecast is for rainy conditions and cool temperatures.  Two weeks from now is the third anniversary of the awful Cedar and Harris fires, and the environmental conditions could hardly be more different.  That year we were getting serial serious Santa Anas (not one this year so far!), the fuel load in the chaparral was dry as a bone, and we had high temperatures and low humidity.  Fire danger crackled in the air.  This year you'd have a hard time igniting the chaparral around our home (though we can't be complacent, as this could change in just a few days of the wrong kind of weather).  For now, though, we can relax and be cheerful about the next-to-nonexistent firestorm risk.  Whew!

Our beautiful red metal roof is now finished – more on that in the next post!

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