Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twelve Boxes of Chocolate Ice Cream...

Via my mom:
I was reading and Dad walked over and stood in front of me with a very long face and whimpered “I only have 2 boxes of ice cream left”


Thankfully they are on sale this week and I shall purchase another 12 boxes...and so my life goes on and on and on...
Anyone who knows my Dad knows about his obsession with planning his next meals. We all speculate this is derived from his Great Depression-era childhood. Whatever the cause, he spends a significant part of his life thinking about where the next meal is going to come from. For example, anytime he and I went on a trip together, the moment we got underway in the car you could be sure that the next thing he'd say would something like “So...where are we going to eat lunch?”

So my mom's story seems completely in character, especially if you know about his chocolate ice cream fetish. I can easily imagine how is brain reacted upon seeing a mere 2 boxes of chocolate ice cream remaining: “Oh, noz! What am I going to eat for lunch?!?!”

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