Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interesting New Search Tool...

Here's a clever idea, well implemented.  It's a special sort of search engine that leverages Google's ability to give you a list of the most common search terms.  I tested it by typing in the word “baltic”, and it responded with the second column shown at right: dry, sea, states, birch, room, amber, and cruises.  These are the most common word after “baltic” that Google sees in search terms people typed in.  Then I clicked on “amber” and it displayed the third column: the list of most common third words after “baltic amber”.  Eventually when you click, you'll get a list of search results at right. 

I've been using this now for two days, and for certain kinds of searchs – especially those where you're unsure of the terms to use – it has proved quite useful.  It's also sometimes quite entertaining!

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