Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Columbian Drug-Smuggling Submarines...

These have turned into a big business, with the main challenge being finding good crews.  The Columbian drug lords are considering automating the subs, eliminating the need for a crew – doesn't really sound all that difficult, technically, so I suspect they'll succeed in this venture.

We spend billions of dollars every year on the “war on drugs” – and those unfortunates who want the drugs get them despite our DEA's best efforts.  Personally, I'd much rather see the drug trade legalized (and taxed).  Think of the resulting benefits: new tax revenues for the government to waste, less tax dollars needed for the DEA (zero, hopefully), and less tax dollars spent on the totally useless prosecution and incarceration of drug users.  Who loses from drug legalization?  As far as I can tell, only the DEA and the illicit drug trade.  The rest of us win, including the drug users who would pay less for their habit. 

You know, we've seen this movie before: alcohol and Prohibition.  The parallel is rather precise, even including addition (an alcoholic is, after all, an alcohol addict)...

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