Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cassy vs. Courtney: Cassy Wins in a Knockout!

Cassy Fiano loves a soldier, a Marine who's done two tours in Iraq and is heading to Afghanistan soon.  She's infuriated by Courtney Cook's recent Salon article How to leave a soldier, in which Ms. Cook recommends that other women leave their soldiers while their soldier is on deployment, with a proverbial “Dear John” letter.  Cassy tears Courtney a new one.

I was disgusted by Courtney's piece when I first read it a couple of days ago.  It got me to wondering just how many modern women were so shallow and so selfish that they'd read Courtney's piece with approval – or even take action on it.  Having been deployed myself (though before I was married), it was easy for me to empathize with the soldier on the receiving end of Courtney's cruelty. 

Reading Cassy's piece was a breath of fresh air.  I kept saying things to myself like “Point Cassy!” as I was reading.  At the end I had a smile on my face, for several reasons: Cassy's excellent takedown, the good fortune of Cassy's soldier, and the hope she gave me that the Cassy's in this world outnumber the Courtneys...

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