Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Harris Fire/Lawson Valley Update...

Here's your evening situation report, from your blogger who is operating in somewhat reduced mental condition – I haven't slept much in the past three days. I'm hoping to fix that problem tonight; I'm heading for bed in just a few minutes.

At top right is the latest MODIS satellite thermal imagery. The most interesting thing about it is the absence of red-hatched areas – which means that the satellite isn't seeing any hotspots. We know from local news reports that this simply cannot be true, because we've seen video that showed fires in those areas. What it must mean is that the overall thermal effects are way down, and in particular that there are no large fires burning.

The photo at right is from the north-looking camera on Lyons Peak, toward Lawson Valley and our home. There is smoke, but it's from areas lower on Lyons Peak itself, as the fire burns downward and northward.

As best I understand it, the biggest remaining risk to Lawson Valley is that the winds, as they return to their normal onshore flow from the southwest or west, will blow the fires now in the Lyons Peak area (and just west of there) toward us. That's the bad news. The good news is that the fires will shortly be in mostly accessible areas, with roads and trails that will let the firefighters get to the burning areas.

We remain very optimistic, and very grateful to the firefighters working so hard to protect our homes&hellip...

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