Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quote of the Day

Justice Scalia (one of our Supreme Court Justices, for all you public school graduates) gave a very interesting talk yesterday. He commented extensively on the historically very recent intervention by federal judiciary in social questions, via the “discovery” of new, heretofore unsuspected, Constitutional rights — and trampling on democracy in the process. Abortion and suicide rights featured in his talk as social issues that the Supreme Court really didn’t have much business deciding (in other words, he believes these social issues are properly matters for the states to decide).

Near the end of his talk, Justice Scalia let fly with this sweet and succinct verbal dart:

It so happens that everything that is stupid is not unconstitutional.

That one-liner quite beautifully sums up what’s wrong with judicial activism. The courts have become too powerful compared with the other branches of the federal government. Justice Scalia knows it, and knows the only way to stop it is to appoint more strict constructionist judges.

We need more justices like Mr. Scalia, at every level of the federal judiciary.

Faster, please.

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