Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quote of the Day

Jeff Goldstein, in a post on his excellent blog Protein Wisdom:

"Christ. These people are children. And to think — they might be controlling the Democratic party one day soon?"

Jeff is talking about the moonbat blogosphere’s reaction to the UK airliner terror plot thwarted this morning. Lest you think he is exaggerating, consider this: today’s poll at the DailyKos (ground zero for moonbat blogs) has 71% of respondents declaring “The thwarted U.K. plot was more drama from BushCo to keep us all afraid.” and only 28% believing it was “legit”.

Lest you think that poll is some kind of anomaly, consider these comments on an open thread at DailyKos:

Last night, Fund gave us a peak at the coming Republican strategy that’s based on fear when he said that if Iran threatens the U.S., all voters will rush to the President’s side. Since they abandoned the terror alerts, now they have Chertoff declaring that nobody can carry anything in a bottle onto an airplane. On CBS radio in NYC they said that they’re even confiscating makeup and eyeliner. The more Mr. Chertoff declares that the London plan was “advanced,” the more I believe the opposite. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what happens when you lie about something as serious as war, and that’s what happens when you choose an accomplice of Ken Star for Homeland Security. Joe Lieberman loves Mr. Chertoff almost as much as he loves Karl Rove and George W. Bush.

— — — —

Just when the WH begins to charge Dems are “soft on terror", Georgie’s buddy Blair, finds 17 (?) poor suckers to arrest on yet another “developing” terror plot? I really hate having to distrust my government so..

— — — —

I won’t even buy the “terrorist plot” story unless they can turn up some actual bombs or at least some bomb fixin’s.

My first thought when I head the news headlines was “if the plot was 'foiled' why the panic-stricken mess at the airports?” You have to look further into the story to find out that they don’t really know if they’ve “foiled” anything. Which makes Karl Rove smile because he knows most of the sheep will just remember the “plot foiled” part.

— — — —

Thank you Scotland Yard, MI-5, and for any other Intelligence/Law enforcement agency for foiling this plot (including the CIA/FBI if they were involved).

If they didn’t the Bush Administration would have an excuse to start a war with Iran/Syria/whoever is the “enemy” at the moment.

— — — —

Oops, started already. In Chertoff’s press conference this AM someone (not MC apparently) had to throw out the “they-hate-us-because-they-hate-our-freedom” line. I’m sure this whole plot was ginned up because they realized that Lamont was surging in the polls.

There are many more of the same ilk — go read them if you have a strong stomach.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So I despair…


  1. In the old blog, chrys said:
    I’ve been in despair for a few weeks now myself. The blindness of others scares me. Is it too many movies? I heard something on Fox that matched a frequent thought I have. Democrats appear to watch more MSM television AND news. They’ve been brainwashing people for decades now - it sadly seems to be sticking. It’s truly frightening.Amazing how instantly President Bush got all of those people to participate and act out September 11th - after only five or six months in office. Geez people - in the very least Clinton had to have set it up! Do brains exist any longer?OH - and isn’t it amazing how quickly London joins in on these plots! La La Land is alive and killing us surely and slowly as we drown in PC.Repetitive History at work. Non starters and disbelievers in the Revolutionary War (where would we be) - The Civil War - WWI & WWII - I don’t know German - Do you? The division is not new - it’s seems to constantly be 50/50. Could a third, fourth or even fifth additional political party repair some of this despair and division?

  2. On the notion of having multiple political parties… Our two-party system is pretty deeply entrenched at the national level, reflected in lots of (extra-Constitutional) “customs” such as the way committee chairmanships are handed out, and the conference committees that resolve the differences between House and Senate bills. Personally I’d love to see all this baggage blown up, but there’s an awful lot of inertia behind it. I suspect the real outcome of a true greater-than-two political party system here would be that coalitions would be put together (between parties), much as we see in countries like Israel, Italy, and others with parlimentary systems. Those coalitions would then operate much as our majority parties do today in our two-party system — except that we’d lose a lot of stability, as a coalition can fall apart in between elections.

    Is our stability good or bad? I could make arguments either way, but my intuition (the quality of which I make no claim about) tells me that our stability, overall, is good. Mostly that intuition is based on the Keystone Cops style of the Italian “government"…

  3. In the old blog, chrys said:
    Coalitions don’t impress me. I think it’s “blow up the baggage” time! Too many years of having to take a totally opposite view has caused this cavern to build and attitudes to flourish while “Moonbats” continue to reproduce and brainwash their young. Personally - (as a tree hugger) I find nothing to make a total grab to in either party and feel insulted not having a true political home. I think there are a lot of people “longing” out there. How did they “pass the baton” to the Republican Party from the “Whig” Party? There have always been changes - we seem to need some of those changes now before we self destruct and continue to “civil war” our nations most important goals.