Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Called "Self-Defense"

Recently a lowlife, knuckle-dragging idgit (known in this story as “Mr. Critter") in Texas decided to make a bunch of noise on his girlfriend’s porch. A neighbor came over and remonstrated with the IQ-challenged one. At which point, the idgit took out a gun, whacked the neighbor on the noggin (and to his knees), and threatened him. At which point the neighbor took out his Glock handgun and shot the S.O.B., and:

Mr. Critter had the good manners to drop the unloaded Daisy BB pistol with which he had armed himself and expired.

The officers handed the neighbor a receipt for his Glock and told him to come down to the station and pick it up when the Grand Jury was done.

I love Texas.

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