Thursday, July 27, 2006

Horse Fire XIV

We got back from our reconnoiter yesterday afternoon and discovered that our satellite Internet connection had gone down. We’re working with our ISP to get full connectivity back; meanwhile we’ve got just a laptop connected and we can (sort of) post on the blog and monitor email.

The reconnoiter: the roadblock was still up, but the two CHP fellows manning it told us that they were hearing (this is 2:30 PM yesterday) that the fire was nearly out — and our eyeballs told us the same thing, as we saw only a couple of very small smoke plumes. The CDF site this morning is reporting 25% containment — and the satellite is showing only a couple of red dots on the WF-HMS data, and nothing whatsoever on the MODIS data.

We’re reading this as the fire is all but out, though there is a (hopefully very small) risk of a flareup until they get a perimeter around the whole thing.

Very, very good news for all of us in the area surrounding the fire!

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