Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Horse Fire XIII

The map at right has the latest MODIS paints — none! Some of the older paints have completely fallen off ('cause they’re older than 48 hours). But on the last pass — almost directly overhead, too — the MODIS imaging didn’t find a single pixel of thermal signature for fire. The most likely reason for this is that there were no large fires left burning, just isolated smaller fires (these don’t produce enough heat to cross the MODIS threshold).

I called CDF, and their recording is now sounding positively chipper. In particular, it mentions no threat of any kind from the western flank of the fire (the one closest to us). Yahoo! They do talk about some remaining risk at Secret Canyon and Lake Morena (the orange shaded areas), but mostly they talked about containment, the need for 20 miles of perimeter construction, and the vast array of men and equipment on the scene.

We’re going to take off on a reconnoiter; if we learn anything new we’ll post within a few hours.

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