Saturday, June 24, 2006


I’ve just finished the book Warlord, by Ilario Pantano (on Amazon). It is an excellent read on several levels.

Foremost (for me, at least) is the way it articulately presents the war from the perspective of a real modern warrior. I’ve not read anything else like this concerning the war in Iraq. One cannot help but be impressed with the professionalism of our military after reading this.

Nearly as interesting is the glimpse this book gives into Mr. Pantano’s fascinating life. Even though the book is nearly entirely about Iraq, you discover things — quite amazing things — about Mr. Pantano’s other experiences. There’s material for several more books in there!

Finally there’s the major plot component — the story of how then-Lt. Pantano was accused (wrongly) of murder, went through the military justice system, was cleared of all charges, but had his career ruined. It would be a sad and tragic story if it wasn’t for Mr. Pantano’s (and his family’s) admirable reactions and handling of the experience.

It’s very comforting to know that our military has men — more than a few of them, too — like Lt. Pantano.

Read the book. That’s an order!

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