Friday, June 23, 2006

Alaa is Free!

About six weeks ago, I told you about the arrest and jailing of prominent Egyptian blogger Alaa, and several other less well-known bloggers. And I asked you to participate, with me, in a boycott of all things Egyptian — and to write to the Egyptian embassy in protest.

Yesterday the Egyptian government released Alaa and all the other bloggers. No charges were ever filed. Alaa is now free to resume his activities.

Bloggers are being credited (by the lamestream media, no less) with having organized an effective campaign that succeeded in convincing the Egyptian authorities that they had made a tactical error.

Well, imagine that. I’m delighted to have played a small part in this, and even more delighted that we got a positive outcome. My personal boycott is now over. If you are amongst those friends and family who helped in your own way, my thanks — and share the glory!

Alaa is free!

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