Monday, February 20, 2006


Put down your coffee for a moment (so you don’t end up blowing it out your nose) and read this new sure-to-be-a-classic Mark Steyn column. A sample:

Mark Steyn: Cheering tidbits lighten otherwise grim week

Fortunately, the Washington Post had that wise old bird David Ignatius to put it in the proper historical context: “This incident,” he mused, “reminds me a bit of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s delay in informing Massachusetts authorities about his role in the fatal automobile accident at Chappaquiddick in 1969."

Hmm. Let’s see. On the one hand, the guy leaves the gal at the bottom of the river struggling for breath pressed up against the window in some small air pocket while he pulls himself out of the briny, staggers home, sleeps it off and saunters in to inform the cops the following day that, oh yeah, there was some broad down there. And, on the other hand, the guy calls 911, has the other fellow taken to the hospital, lets the sheriff know promptly but neglects to fax David Gregory’s make-up girl!

One can only hope others agree with Ignatius' insightful analogy, and that the reprehensible Cheney will be hounded from public life the way Kennedy was all those years ago. One would hate to think folks would just let it slide and three decades from now this Cheney guy will be sitting on some committee picking Supreme Court justices and whatnot.

Come on, Mark…tell us how you really feel!

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  1. In the old blog, Anonymous said:
    You know, that same incident came to my mind when all the hoopla surrounded Cheney. Sad to say, even those who are old enough to remember that sad episode are still venting over the hunting accident. Really does make one ponder the fairness of it all doesn’t it? SIGH as Debbie would say.