Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Top 10

Anyone who’s ever been responsible for supporting users of Information Technology (employees, customers, parents, kids, whatever) will appreciate these gems. A sample:

From MisterOrange at The Search for a Good Story:

# 9 – Know Your Needs

This one could also be called “Learn Linux.” Many admins get wooed into the idea that “managed solutions” are always the correct ones. A web interface on a switch is cute, but rarely useful. A huge Cisco router may not always be necessary, sometimes a ‘lo-fi’ approach is best. When you want a spam solution, before looking at $5,000 servers and huge licensing fees for Windows Server software take a look at one of those old ‘junk’ PCs you have in the closet, download your favorite distro of Linux, and install procmail and spamassassin. You (and your budget) will thank me later.

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