Friday, October 14, 2005

Estonian Political Hopeful

Would you believe I know this woman?

Updated (below).

And my wife isn't too happy about that...

Natalja Tereping (click on the photo for a larger view) was an employee in the Tallinn offices of a company I used to work for (Stac, which then became Previo). She was our bookkeeper and office assistant there for years. An Estonian friend of mine sent me this picture of Natalja this morning along with the interesting news that she is running for a seat on the Tallinn city council, representing the Mustamäe area (if I'm reading the Estonian language web sites correctly). She's a member of the center-right "Res Publica" party, one of the dominant political parties in Estonia.

I have never had a discussion about politics with Natalja, so I don't know what has driven her to do this, or what positions she holds. The center-right platforms of her party are not too awfully far from my own more libertarian leanings, so most likely she and I could have a civil conversation on Tallinn's political situation, if I actually knew very much about it (I don't).

All that aside, can you think of a single female candidate for American political office (at any level) with the movie star/model attractiveness that Natalja has? Not one comes to my mind. It's hard to see how this could hurt Natalja's chances in the election, especially amongst the men...

Go, Natalja, go!

Update (10/17): My Estonian friend tells me that Natalja has received only seven votes (one of which was her own!), and has lost the election. How sad!

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  1. In the old blog, Larry said:
    Thats too bad she lost. I would have voted for her. Heck, voting based on party doesn’t seem to be too effective so voting based on “hotness” couldn’t be much worse.