Friday, July 1, 2005

Slimy Mollusc

Well, it's happened again — my blog has jumped up another couple of notches in the TTLB (The Truth Laid Bear) Ecosystem. In a couple of earlier posts (here and here) on the same subject, I noted the blog's rise from "Insignificant Microbe" to "Crunchy Crustacean". Well, now it has advanced to "Slimy Mollusc", ranked at #18,255 out of 32,207.

According to TTLB's FAQ, the way the ecosystem works is that it counts all the links from other blogs to the blog being ranked. It can't be quite that simple, though, as my blog's ranking changes even when the number of links doesn't. And...the number of links is very small. I suspect that both traffic and longevity enter into the rankings in some manner as well. But that's just my suspicion!

Anyway, for now I'm just enjoying my blog's rapid climbing of the TTLB Ecosystem's evolutionary ladder. From "Insignificant Microbe" to "Slimy Mollusc" in two weeks! Hooray!

Hmmm... Now if we could just get politicians and their institutions to evolve at a similar rate, maybe we'd make some progress in this world...

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