Sunday, April 10, 2005

Significant others

Big Al's girl lets you know. A taste:

#41 When I got sad when I thought of all the times that I was able to just pick up the phone and call him when he was stateside.
#42 When I got used to things always being up in the air - and when I could fully appreciate that oxymoron known as "military planning".
#43 When I started watching the Army movies that he has me order him off of Netflix just so I could marinate in the military way of doing things.
#44 When I started re-reading his old letters just because.
#45 When I started memorizing the names of the guys that he is with in Iraq and referring to them by rank.
#46 When I made this blog.
#47 When someone "dissing" the military will make every hair on my head stand up on end!
#48 When the word "Hooah" became part of my daily vocabulary.
#49 When I realized that I have come up with almost 50 ways of how deployment has taken over my life!!

Big Al is a lucky guy...

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