Tuesday, April 12, 2005


...and we are mightily puzzled, as according to all the best information we have available, there are no faults anywhere near us!

The map at right (click on it for a larger view) shows the location of the epicenter (the large red square). This is about 2 miles, as the crow flies, from our home. Kinda close!

I was away from home on a business trip, so I didn't get to experience this myself. Debi said it woke her right up, and she knew what it was immediately — there was more sound than shaking, as often is the case. Our animals reacted in various ways; the most surprising was Halala, our most serene and unflappable cat — he was terrified into hiding out somewhere that Debi couldn't find him. She thought he must have escaped, and was calling him from outside. At some point he just sauntered in, apparently calmed down...

When we bought our home out here in the chapparal, some seven years ago, we did our homework with respect to faults and probable earthquakes. We've lived in San Diego County for over thirty years, and not had a really bad earthquake in all that time — but we thought it would be a good idea to play it safe and NOT locate on top of a fault. The fault maps I found then, and the updated ones that I located this morning, all show NO FAULTS for a 15 mile radius around us. So...we wonder...what the heck caused this earthquake? Some new fault that nobody knew about?

Now they tell us!

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