Sunday, March 27, 2005

Poor Kofi

A hat tip to Austin Bay Blog for the lead to the London Times article. And as usual, Michelle Malkin goes right to the point. From the story:

Depending on the findings of the report, by a team led by the former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, Annan may have to choose between the secretary-generalship and loyalty to his son.

American congressional critics of the UN are already pressing him to resign over the mismanagement of the oil for food programme, and even his supporters have been dismayed by the scandals on his watch, including the sexual abuse of children by UN peacekeepers in Congo.

One close observer at the UN said Annan’s moods were like a “sine curve” and that he appeared near the bottom of the trough.

I can't best Michelle Malkin's forthright plea: Kofi A. Annan, will you please go now?

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