Monday, June 25, 2018

Some mixed granite news...

Some mixed granite news...  The granite folks showed up to install the granite on the cabinet that I built, right on time.  It was exciting to see them arrive – four guys in two trucks (at right), with our rock and all the tools they'd need to install it.  They unloaded the seven individual pieces of rock and carried them all over to my cabinet – and a few minutes later, we had set the grill components in place to test the fit.  It was perfect (photos below)!

Much to my relief, the installers found no problems with the cabinetry.  Even more to my relief, the grill components fit exactly as they were supposed to.  So why is the news mixed?

Take a gander at the photo at right.  The piece on the right is supposed to be about 1.5" longer, to match the rear edge of the piece at left.  The fabricators simply cut that piece too short.  The installers have saws, so if the piece had been too long they could have shortened it.  They did not, however, have a rock stretcher – so this means a do-over on that one piece, and that they couldn't actually complete the installation today.  They did leave enough of the rock in place so that we can get our gas installation completed tomorrow – and after that there's nothing stopping her from starting to grill again.  She's been waiting for this day for four years now.  I predict much grilled food in our immediate future!

Here's a gratuitous photo showing one end of the cabinet, before we moved it to the deck.  The spar varnish did a great job of making the color variations, grain, and knots “pop” visually.  I hope it's as durable as I was promised!

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