Friday, May 4, 2018

We see Lily (and her mom, Lizzy) every week or two...

We see Lily (and her mom, Lizzy) every week or two...  Consequently, it seems like there are large changes in Lily every time we see her.  I snapped this a couple days ago when we took Lily, Lizzy, and (grandma!) Michelle out to lunch at Los Primos.  This time we noticed that she sat confidently in her high chair – as opposed to being strapped into a car seat the last time we went out to lunch with her, about a month ago.  She's totally engaged with her surroundings, mainly (so far as I can tell) in an effort to find things to chew.  Her mom, meanwhile, is busy removing all possible chewables from her reach – not, it turns out, an easy thing to do.  Eventually Lizzy was reduced to chewing the edge of the table. :)  She's eating a lot of solid food now, and shared beans, rice, and guacamole with the rest of us.  She really liked the horchata!

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