Thursday, May 3, 2018

I'm up to my neck...

I'm up to my neck ... in trip planning.  We're going on a big road trip in a few weeks – from Utah to Maine and back.  We'll be gone for 18 days, the longest pure road trip Debbie and I have taken in a good many years.  Our wonderful friend Michelle H. will be taking care of our animals and house while we're gone.  That's her car at right, parked in our garage.  While we were on our last trip, she took advantage of the opportunity to park in my Tesla's spot (note the red-and-white sign on my garage wall).  Cracked me up! :)

Yesterday we drove out to Hardware Ranch and didn't see all that much in the way of wildlife.  That dearth was more than made up for by the best viewing of a western meadowlark we've ever had.  It was sitting in the top of a juniper, about 10' high, and 20' away from us.  The yellows and oranges of his plumage were so intense!  That photo at left is not mine, but it gives you some idea what we were seeing.  Even though it was only 20' away, we got our binoculars on him – and at that range, he filled our view with those glorious colors!

I'm hoping to nail down the last lodging this afternoon.  I'm tired of trip planning!  :)

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