Monday, May 21, 2018

Grill cabinet progress...

Grill cabinet progress...  The photos below show various points in the construction of the three bottoms.  The first photo shows what turned out to be the most challenging bit: fabricating “rails” for the bottom to sit into.  These rails hold the entire weight of the cabinet, so they have to be nice and strong.  I glued them and put screws every three inches – they shouldn't be going anywhere!  :)  In a couple of the photos you can see the creating clamping I needed to hold the bottoms onto the rails while the glue set up.  I finished the third one just before I wrote this post; it's now glued up and creatively clamped.  All that remains to do before the granite template guy shows up tomorrow is to flip that last cabinet right-side up, and bolt it back onto the other two.  Almost there!

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