Thursday, May 31, 2018

Getting ready to go on our trip...

Getting ready to go on our trip...  We spent most of the day scrambling about on last-minute errands, stocking up pet supplies for our dog and cat sitter, etc.  We did take some time to have lunch out, at Herm's Inn.  Oh, my, that was good!  The photos below are of my club sandwich and the fruit I got instead of potatoes.  That sandwich ... was the best club sandwich I've ever had, and by a large margin.  The bread was Crumb Brothers sourdough, pan-toasted in butter.  The turkey was roasted, tasted just like Thanksgiving leftovers.  The ham was superb.  The bacon was Daily's – the same kind we buy for home.  The cheeses (Swiss and cheddar) were both the real deal, excellent quality.  The tomato was bursting with flavor.  The mayonnaise tasted like Duke's.  The lettuce was crisp and fresh.  Just wonderful!  And the fruit plate was (as always) all perfectly ripe.  Even the iced tea was great!  Debbie had a steak salad which she disappeared, making nommy-nommy noises the whole time.

Later in the day I filled my bird feeders, and noticed several pine siskins that stayed on the feeder even when I got within a couple of feet.  One of them, the fellow at right, stayed there even when I reached up and touched him!  I stroked his head a few times, which he didn't seem to like but he didn't let it stop him from eating.  He never stopped eating, the whole while I was there (maybe ten minutes).  I shot that photo with my iPhone about 4" from him.  My best guess is that he was exhausted and starving from a migration, though it seems a bit late for new arrivals.  Eventually, after I left, he flew away to perch high in our pine.

We leave for our trip to Maine bright and early in the morning.  First stop: Cheyenne, Wyoming...

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