Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Apparently not all dogs like banana slices...

Apparently not all dogs like banana slices...  Idaho mogul-of-everything Doug S. wrote yesterday; first time I've heard from him in months.  Amongst a lot of catch-up stuff was this little gem:
I tried to get my dogs to enjoy bananas, but the slices just hit the floor as I get questionable looks as if they are saying what's this crap... ha ha
This led me to do some investigation on the Intertubes, and what I found was lots of dogs that love bananas, lots of dogs that hate bananas, some dogs that are actually afraid of bananas, and a few that are allergic to them.  It's clear that our five banana-loving dogs are not especially unusual, nor are Doug's dogs doing the WTF?  I'm not sure why, but I'm surprised at the variation.  Generally foods that appeal to dogs seem to appeal to all dogs.  For example, I've yet to run into a dog that doesn't love Milk Bones.

Anyway, I'm sad for Doug.  The banana-slice ritual is a big part of our mornings, every day.  I'm well-known at our local grocery for buying bananas (we go through 14 a week), and many of the clerks know I'm buying them for my dogs. :)

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