Thursday, March 15, 2018

That pesky white stuff again...

That pesky white stuff again...  By yesterday afternoon our spell of warm, sunny weather had cleared nearly all the snow from the Cache Valley floor.  Then, last night, despite slightly-above-freezing temperatures, it started snowing again.  I got up around 1 am to let our dogs out, and there was three inches on the ground.  When we got up at 7 am this morning, there was just an inch of a mix of snow and slush, and the temperature was well above freezing.  We have rain and warmer temperatures forecast for today and tomorrow.  So it's all white outside (and it's still snowing), but none of this is going to stick.  I hope!  Our driveway had warmed up nicely, so there's no snow accumulating on it.  Snow plowing bullet dodged!

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