Thursday, March 1, 2018

Over the edge...

Over the edge...  Reading the news yesterday about the latest irrational howls for gun control sent me over the edge.  If you want to know how that makes me feel, read this post by Eric Raymond – he says it far better than I ever could. 

If you know me, then you most likely know I'm not a “joiner” – meaning that I rarely even think about joining an organization.  Part of that is a result of being an introvert, but a bigger part is that I just plain don't like most organizations – in the sense that I don't want my membership to represent an endorsement.  Last year I joined AARP, but only with great reluctance, as there are many things about AARP that I don't like at all.  But ... they have the best Medicare supplement plans, according to my trusted health insurance agent, so I set my qualms aside and did it.  Their sticker is not on my car. :)

Yesterday, though, I joined another organization: the NRA.  I'm now a life member.  The NRA does some things, and has some stands, that I think are borderline crazy.  But ... nobody does a better job at defending the second amendment, and that's something I care deeply about.  They're also extremely good with their firearms safety training and range training; very commendable activities that should be supported if you're supporting free access to firearms.

So I joined, hoping my financial support will help the fight in some small way.

I'm now pondering a couple additional steps.

First: for both Debbie and I to get concealed carry permits, and to get a suitable carry weapon for both of us (most likely one of the Glocks).

Second: to acquire an AR-15 and learn how to use it.

I want us to be ready if someone comes for our guns.  If that day arrives, it will likely be another “joining” moment for me.

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  1. I was so proud in my teens when I got my NRA hunters safety certification and wore the patch proudly on my jacket. BTW I love my Walter P99 .40 for many reasons. U may want to check that one out.