Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunsets and poblano casseroles...

Sunsets and poblano casseroles...  I'm still a bit under the weather, dang it.  The generally cloudy days are making for some gorgeous sunsets, like Friday's at right.  That was taken as we drove out of the canyon that Porcupine Reservoir is in.  The snow had melted enough that I thought the Model X could make it up the steep dirt road to the reservoir itself, and in fact it did so with no fuss whatsoever.  Once we got to the top and could look over the reservoir, I was happily surprised to see how full it was.  It's got 10 or 12 feet to go until it tops the outlet, but for this time of year that's very full indeed – especially considering that our “wet season” is still a few months away.  There's little doubt that the reservoir will be filled to the brim by the time spring comes along, which will make the farmers (and me!) very happy.

Yesterday Debbie made a poblano pepper casserole (at left, just out of the oven).  The main ingredients are poblano peppers, roast chicken, mozzarella cheese, lime, and onions.  She's made this before from a recipe that calls for cutting the limes into thin slices and putting those right into the casserole.  This time she zested and juiced the limes, and put that in the casserole instead – and the result was much more to our taste.  I wasn't feeling well and so didn't expect to eat much – but I went back for seconds.  Three more meals worth of that got vacuum packed and frozen this morning. :)

In a few hours the repair technician from Tesla should be here to fix my broke-ass Model X.  Should be interesting to watch.  I'm really curious how well-equipped (or not) their mobile techs are...

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