Monday, December 4, 2017

Veteran's discounts...

Veteran's discounts...  They are very common around here, not so much in the San Diego area where we used to live, though a few national chains offered them.  Dozens of local stores and restaurants offer discounts for veterans here, including Home Depot (10%), Walmart (10%), Lowe's (15%), and several others we regularly patronize.  Most of them don't advertise the discount – you have to ask for it.  Some local locations of national chains (Lowe's is a good example) offer discounts where the national chain does not – I attribute that to the generally pro-military attitude that is the norm here.

Generally speaking these stores have either just taken my word for having served in the Navy, or they ask for my DD214 as proof of an honorable discharge.  Recently a clerk in Home Depot told me about a better alternative, one that I hadn't known about: it's possible to get a Utah driver's license with a “veteran’s indicator” on it, and the stores will take that as proof of being a veteran with an honorable discharge.  The DMV also requires your DD214 for proof – but you only need to carry it the one time.

So a couple of days ago I visited our local DMV license division office.  Just as on the first time, my visit was stunningly pleasant and convenient.  There was no waiting.  None.  The employees were uniformly pleasant, helpful, and engaged.  One was even quite entertaining!  There was no useless, stupid paperwork.  None.  In just ten minutes I had my photo taken, my signature captured, my application filled out, my $18 fee collected, and I was out the door with a temporary license in hand and a promise of my new license with veteran's indicator within 10 days.  The last time they told me 10 days it actually only took 4 – we'll see what it takes this time.  As a reluctant veteran of dozens of painful, boring, confused hours in California DMV locations, this contrasting experience in Utah still just blows my mind...

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