Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Paradise ponders: urgent care edition...

Paradise ponders: urgent care edition...  Well, this morning it was back to the urgent care again.  Debbie's existing symptoms got even worse – especially her coughing and sore throat.  On top of that, she's developed an eye infection, and when she woke up this morning she could hardly open her eyes for all the gunk that had showed up.  We saw a different doctor this time, just as competent and nice as the last one.  This time, though, the treatment was more aggressive, mainly because the symptoms had worsened.  She got a chest X-ray (that ruled out pneumonia), a treatment on the nebulizer machine (to clear up her lungs), a steroid injection (to quickly clear up her lungs), and a whole shopping bag full of meds to attack the eye infection, the cough, and the clogged up lungs.  I'm writing this a few hours after we got home, and she's already feeling better.  Let's hope this trajectory continues!

Yesterday I installed the last major bit of my wireless gate sensor project: an RF repeater to extend the range enough to allow the furthest gate from the house to work.  I put it in my cedar shed pump house, and it all worked right away.  Imagine that!  Now all that's left is to mount the two gate sensors onto the gates that have yet to be repaired, and then that project is completely finished.

A few minutes ago, one of our neighbors brought over a big container of homemade chicken soup, a repeat from a couple days ago.  This stuff tastes really good to Debbie, and it's one of the few things she can reliably hold down, so this gesture is much appreciated.  What a great community to live in!

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