Friday, October 6, 2017

Paradise ponders: porches, homecomings, and sunrise edition...

Paradise ponders: porches, homecomings, and sunrise edition...  Our masons (Randy and Jeffrey) were here yesterday to finish putting the rock on our two porches.  They brought three dogs with them, all of them lovable beasts – but most especially Carl, the border collie in the second photo.

Debbie comes home tonight!  I'm driving down to the Salt Lake City airport to meet her at 10:30 pm – very late for me.  There will be a happy household here, round about midnight.  Yay!

Yesterday morning I was up at my brother's cabin south of Newton, hoping to install a new microwave for him.  That didn't work out so well (the new microwave was damaged in shipment), but I did get to see a beautiful sunrise!


  1. And I imagine a nice stony sundial somewhere there. Have you thought about it?

  2. I had not thought of that, and I really like sundials! I can think of several places where a sundial would fit very nicely in our yard - gotta ponder that one...