Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Paradise ponders: paper wasps, slashing kitties, and beautiful sunrise edition...

Paradise ponders: paper wasps, broken weed whacker, slashing kitties, and beautiful sunrise edition...  Debbie spotted the paper wasp nest at right in the woodwork above our deck.  Amazing how those wasps can manufacture paper and shape it to their needs!  Some cool morning, it will be my job to get rid of it – it's right above where Debbie grills, and for some reason she's not enamored of it being there. :)

When I'm not moving pipe or weed whacking the past couple of days, I've been replacing screens in the sun room with heavy-duty “cat proof” screening.  As I remove the old screens, I can't help but notice all the holes the cats have made in them.  You can see exactly where their claws were as they hung from the screen – most likely after a bird.

Yesterday, right in the middle of my weed whacking, my beautiful Stihl whacker croaked.  The engine still runs, but it won't turn fast enough to make the steel blade spin.  The whacking works very poorly under such circumstances.  I ran it up to the repair shop yesterday, only to find out they've got a backlog over over 50 broken whackers!  They tell me this happens every July, as everyone gets busy.  Figures.

This morning I moved about 25 pieces of irrigation pipe myself.  Normally I'm out there helping my friend and neighbor Tim D., but today he's up at a camp with about 300 boys, so I was on my own.  My company was the gorgeous sunrise at right, which I watched develop the entire time I was moving pipe.  That photo was in its earliest stages; at the end there were bright yellow puffy clouds in the same area...

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