Thursday, July 6, 2017

Paradise ponders: heat, shams, and pumps edition...

Paradise ponders: heat, shams, and pumps edition...  We just got a call from a sweet little old lady named Marlene.  We bought a hand-made quilt from her a few weeks ago, and also ordered matching pillow shams.  She called to let us know they were done.  This afternoon we'll be headed down there (to Roy, near Ogden) to pick them up. 

The weather here is hot and sultry, and the forecast calls for more of the same for at least the next 10 days.  Our highs are in the high 90s, quite a bit warmer than we're used to (and certainly a lot different from the winter, which feels like it just ended!).  Our local mountains still have a bit of snow on them at higher elevations, which seems quite a contrast to the heat we're feeling.  The alfalfa, though, is loving it – it thrives on hot, humid weather so long as it has adequate water.  With our reservoirs still nearly full, the water is not a problem.

In the brief cool of the morning, I mounted my new irrigation pump on its pad this morning (at right).  The electrical work I finished yesterday.  That means it's all ready to be tested, except for the minor little details of (a) all the pipes being missing, and (b) no water is available for it.  Details, details. :)  I think that missing plumbing is likely to be my next project here.  Originally I was planning to have either the pump vendor do it, or the sprinkler contractor, but it's sufficiently complicated (and both of them find it unusual and uncomfortable for them) that I think I'll just do it myself...

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