Monday, April 24, 2017

Paradise ponders: rain, and strange coincidences edition...

Paradise ponders: rain, and strange coincidences edition...  It is pouring on us right now (see the radar snapshot at right).  I'm up in my barn office, and the noise of the rain hitting the steel roof over my head is deafening.

This morning I spoke for a little while with the attorney I'm using to handle a real estate transaction in Virginia.  He mentioned that he was a little familiar with Utah, as he used to come out here for vacations, especially near Moab.  So I shared a bit with him about our numerous trips there, and I mentioned that we knew the La Sal Mountains very well.  He then related his happy visits to Pack Creek Ranch, a now-defunct resort on the western slopes of the La Sals.  Debbie and I have very happy memories of that place, having stayed there several times ourselves.  It's a little bitty resort, way out of the way, exactly our sort of place precisely because it's not very popular.  And yet ... this lawyer from Virginia knew it, and had stayed there three or four times.  What a bizarre coincidence!

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