Monday, March 27, 2017

Paradise ponders, burgers and Foyle's edition...

Paradise ponders, burgers and Foyle's edition...  We had kind of a lazy day yesterday.  I finished some chores in the house, built the second rib for the stairs, and then came inside for our afternoon meal: burgers.  That is, I had a burger (at right).  That's 3/4 pound of Macey's 85/15 burger (all that fat makes it delicious!), on a Macey's Asiago-and-onion roll, with avocado, ketchup, and sweet pickle relish.  Yum!  Debbie made her share of the ground beef into an enormous taco salad, low in sodium but apparently very tasty, as she ate the entire (gigantic!) thing.

After that meal we were so full that any resembling ambition flew off to an obscure country in southwest Asia.  So we crawled upstairs (slowly and carefully), and watched the last three Foyle's War episodes in a binge.  That's five hours of television, something I haven't done for decades.  The very last episode is a real shocker, ending with (literally) a big bang.  We're kind of sorry to be done with it.  But no matter, at our age we'll probably forget all about it within a few weeks, and can start it over as though it were brand new to us. :)

Today's big project for me is to help my brother Scott with his taxes.  I finished mine last week, except for the filing.  Doing my taxes never fails to put me in a bad mood, but the trip to Montana immediately following really helped pick me up.  In the future, I'm going to have to plan something nice for the few days immediately following tax prep.  It will help tamp down the anger I can't help feeling as I watch my hard-earned dollars being stolen by the government so they can waste it on something I don't believe in.

Before my brother gets here, I'm working on the stairs project.  I did an hour or so of sanding before I came up to write this post, and I'll probably go do some more in a little while.  Sanding is amazingly relaxing, and it's very good arm exercise. :)

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