Friday, March 3, 2017

An accidental discovery...

An accidental discovery...  While on our recent trip to Hawai'i, we stopped in at a coffee and tea shop to stock up for the mornings in our cottage.  Naturally I'd forgotten to pack my favorite little tea infuser, so I asked at the shop for one.  They didn't have any (which really surprised me!), but they did have something I'd never heard of: tea filters.  I picked up a 20 pack of them for a few dollars, and used them during our trip.

How did they work out?  Short answer: they're better than any infuser I've ever had, and I really liked the infusers I've had for the past few years.  I ordered 200 filters last week and got them yesterday.  The filters themselves are conical paper (much like coffee filter paper, but a little finer) with two little holes at the top.  The filters come with a little plastic stick, cleverly shaped to go through the two holes, sit firmly on your cup's rim, while holding the filter cone open (so you can pour hot water over it).  I've been rinsing my tea leaves in the infuser with cold water to get the tea dust off; that's not necessary with the filters.  If you let the filters drain in your sink, in a few minutes they're dry enough to toss in the trash – very convenient.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves tea...

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