Friday, February 3, 2017

Model X update...

Model X update...  We've had our Tesla Model X now for just over a month.  How do we like the car after having had it for a while?

Very much, thank you!

We continue to be thrilled by the visibility and quiet, perfect for the kind of sightseeing and wildlife viewing that we love so much.  The comfort of all the little things like heated seats and automatic doors is very nice, though it still feels a bit weird for we who have been driving pickup trucks for 30 years! :)

I've had just one problem with the car other than those I've previously described in posts: the rear-view mirror inside the car is permanently darkened.  All three rear-view mirrors are supposed to automatically darken when there are bright headlights behind the car, and the two exterior mirrors work fine.  The software upgrade is performing well, though I'm still a little disappointed by the restrictions on it.  We haven't been able to try auto-steer yet, because the limitations currently in force mean that there are no roads anywhere near us where we can use it.  The current restrictions are (a) you must be on a limited-access highway (i.e., an Interstate or something like that), and you have to be going under 45 MPH (i.e., high traffic situation).  Well, in this neck of the woods we have neither Interstate nor heavy traffic, so we're SOL until the restrictions get lifted.  This is promised once sufficient experience has been gained by the entire fleet of Tesla cars.  Won't be much from northern Utah!

We're going in for our service appointment (to look at the non-retracting spoiler and the rear-view mirror) next Tuesday afternoon.  Later that same day we're meeting friends for dinner at the Red Iguana.  Should be an interesting day!

Oh, one other Model X related thing: we've purchased a couple of accessories.  The first one, which we're already using, is a pair of color-coded silicone covers for the Tesla fob (which replaces a key).  The covers add some cushioning and waterproofing, but the color-coding was what we really wanted: red for my fob, black for Debbie's.  The fob is how the Model X figures out who you are, and determines the settings for the seats, mirrors, etc. that it restores to the driver's seat.  We've also purchased a couple of tempered glass screen protectors, one for the giant screen in the center console, the other for the smaller screen in front of the steering wheel.  I'll be installing those this weekend.

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  1. Bad link, but I found it anyway. My first programming job used a Teletype 43 as a printer/terminal, but most of my coding was on the glass screen of the little computer. Lots of RS-232 was involved in that job, though. I still remember the breakout box.