Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well, that was disappointing!

Well, that was disappointing!  A little while ago I got a notification that the software upgrade on my Tesla Model X had completed.  Yay!  Time to go out and take it for a spin and try out all the new features!  Auto-driving here I come!

Oops.  Not so much.

First I read through the release notes, on the car's center console.  This isn't the all-singing, all-dancing upgrade I was thinking I'd be getting.  It is, instead, a small step in that direction.  This upgrade gives me traffic-aware cruise control (in other words, it won't crash into the car in front of you), some very limited auto-steering (apparently only on restricted-access highways, which we only get onto when we travel to Salt Lake City), and a few other things.  There was also some language about the need for calibration, which might take a day or three of driving.

So, expectations set down, we drove it out for a test.  I tried to put it in cruise control, and ... got an error display and a chime.  Huh?  Turns out even normal cruise control is disabled while the camera is calibrating.  So right now my Model X isn't even working as well as it did before the update.


I'm a little worried that “calibration” might take a long time out here where we live, as many of the roads have no painted lines at all, or only the center line.

Double dang...

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