Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Paradise ponders, long-distance crab edition...

Paradise ponders, long-distance crab edition...  Except for the fact that I spent most of the day holed up in my office doing paperwork, it was a very pleasant day yesterday. :)  It was clear and sunny in the morning, and the temperature actually made it above freezing – so most of the ice on our driveway melted off.  Last night we got about an inch of snow, but at 5 am it was 31°F, just barely freezing.  Today will almost certainly be well above freezing, and that little bit of snow will melt off quickly (I hope!).

We've finally settled on our menu for Christmas and Christmas Eve.  We're spending Christmas Eve by ourselves, and for that evening meal we decided to make carrot-ginger soup (like we had at Jack's this week) and southwestern crab cakes (a favorite dish from meals in the past).  The challenge is the crab meat – there's no place in Cache Valley that we know of where one can purchase fresh crab.  So tomorrow we're going to make the drive down to Salt Lake City to visit the seafood markets there.  We've been wanting to do this anyway, just to see what they're like; this gives us a great excuse.  For our meal on Christmas Day, when my brother Scott will be joining us, we're going to make a hearty repast of beef stroganoff, with thick homemade egg noodles.  There will be a vegetable of some kind, some chicken noodle soup, and possibly a dessert of some kind, too. :)

I heard yesterday from my contact at Tesla – there will be no Model X for me before Christmas.  The promised date keeps slipping back, over and over – frustrating, that is.  The latest word is that it's “almost done” production, and will be ready for me to pick up “probably next week”.  That's nearly word-for-word what I was told in early November, and every week after that...

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