Monday, December 12, 2016

Music-synchronized Christmas lights...

Music-synchronized Christmas lights...  A few days ago, a friend (Michelle H.) told us about a home in Nibley that had a fantastic Christmas light display whose lights flashed to the music playing on a radio station.  Nibley is a town about 10 miles north of us, just south of Logan.  Michelle gave us rough directions, and last night Debbie and I set out on a quest to find it.  It wasn't hard at all to spot: the flashing lights were visible from one of the main roads in Nibley, and we homed in on it in just a few minutes.

This home does indeed have a fantastic Christmas light display!  The video at right is one I took last night.  It's only a couple of minutes long, just enough to give you an idea what the display looks like. The music that the lights are synchronized to can be heard on FM 100.9, which is a local transmitter for KVFX.  The selection of music wasn't exactly to our tastes, but no matter: the synchronized lights were gorgeous!

After we sat and listened for a while, we realized the music selections were on a loop that lasts about fifteen minutes or so.  This implies that the synchronized lights were hand-composed, rather than being electronically derived.  It's still quite impressive though.

If you'd like to see these for yourself, follow the map at left.  When we went (around 7 pm) there were about ten cars parked nearby to enjoy the show.  I can imagine that it gets much worse sometimes...

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