Monday, November 7, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Well, all sorts of progress today!  I somehow muddled through a mess of contractors here today, despite having absolutely no sleep last night.  As I write this, I'm just barely keeping my eyes open – so don't be surprised if my prose (or spelling) is not quite up to snuff!

Our builder got here with three helpers quite early this morning, and they went to work on our new porches (for the sun room and the mud room).  Forms were finished, rebar was cut and laid, and the concrete truck called.  The result:

By tomorrow morning, those will both be perfectly usable.  That means we can actually use the mud room as an entrance again.  I've almost forgotten that used to mainly use that door!

After they finished the concrete work, the builders went to work on the deck in the back yard.  The footings for this were poured so long ago that the cardboard forms had rotted!  Most of what they did here today was invisible, along the side of the house underneath the back door.  Tomorrow should bring lots of visible progress!

A few minutes after the builders left in the afternoon, Mark and Dave (our fencing guys) showed up and went to work installing the first 1/4" wire panels (visible if you embiggen the second photo below).  These turned out just great – vastly better than the wire fencing we had before.  Even our evil puppies will be unable to get through these!

While all this was going on, in between working with the contractors, I finished up the second dog food drawer in the laundry room.  Then I put cheesecloth over the gaping hole in the drywall made by removing the built-in ironing board, and stuffed the hole with insulation. Much sneezing was involved with that – so dusty!  I also put up some hooks, hung a dry erase board, and put a few other finishing touches on the laundry room.  It's looking much better than it was!

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