Sunday, November 27, 2016

Paradise ponders, turkey leftovers edition...

Paradise ponders, turkey leftovers edition...  Man, did we eat well yesterday!  Leftover turkey noodle soup, stuffing, meat, and gravy, and the girls added a mess of roasted vegetables (bell peppers, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, green beans, and asparagus) to the mix for our evening meal.  Then on top of that, Michelle made banana bread.  Yummy banana bread!  There might accidentally have been some wine consumed, too.  That's some fine eating there!  The dogs had a great time last night cleaning off our plates. :)

Jimmy and I worked outside all day, and we got the four floodlights mounted and wired just before it started to get dark.  These took quite a bit longer than I expected, as we had a bunch of little things go wrong (all fixable).  It wasn't very pleasant, either – it was cold, and I got thoroughly wet from water dripping off the roof.  Once we wired them up, the floods all worked great on the first try.  In daylight they weren't all that impressive, but when we tried them after dark – wow!  Our entire back yard is brightly lit.  Each of the four floodlights is rated at 7,000 lumens, using 5,000K LEDs (actual power consumed is about 80 watts each).  We mounted oak panels to the 8x8s holding up our deck roof, then mounted the floods to the panels.  The result looks great, and it's strong and stable.

We were expecting snow last night, but it didn't materialize.  Instead we got relatively warm rain, which melted most of the snow already on the ground.  The forecast is still calling for 4" to 8" of snow between now and tomorrow night, though...

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