Thursday, November 17, 2016

Let the destruction begin!

Let the destruction begin!  Our builders finished most of the interior trim work in the sun room and mud room, and started the last major piece of construction left on our three-project marathon: the roof over our new deck.  The first step of that project was to demolish the short little roof that used to be over where the deck is now (they're at work on that in the photo at right).  As I write this, they've finished most of that job.  After lunch they'll finish the little bit that's left, and then start mounting the new trusses.

One surprise for both of us when they pulled the soffits off that section: there are a lot of romex power cables in there!  When they built the house back in '92, instead of running the cables through the studs, as you usually see, they're all run through this funny short roof section.  They're using what would otherwise just be wasted space, so it's actually kind of clever.  However ... that means our builder has a challenge trying to route these cables behind the trusses.  Worst case, if he can't find a way to do it, we'll have to cut every one of those cables, route them through the trusses, and then reconnect them.  That will be a big pain in the butt if we actually have to do it, so we're hoping that we don't!

I'm enjoying the way our builder is totally unfazed by anything unexpected we run into during the construction.  This is probably the tenth such “surprise”, and he just calmly takes them all in stride.  That's a great attribute for someone in his profession! :)

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