Sunday, October 9, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  I spent most of yesterday working on the electrical bits of our new mud room.  First job was to find out where the switch was that controlled an outlet that used to be embedded in the soffit outside our front door.  That outlet is now in the mud room, and it looked like a convenient place to steal electricity from.  It turned out that a switch we'd never discovered the purpose of was the culprit – a switch very conveniently just inside our front door.  That solved one challenge very easily!  Most of the mud room is new construction, and the inside isn't sheathed yet – that makes wiring a breeze.  One wall, however, is “old work” – the wall containing our old front door.  I worked yesterday mostly on routing power for the two outlets that will be in that wall, and exposing the switch on the opposite side of the wall that will control the overhead chandelier in the mud room.  Naturally I had to make a parts run. :)  Overall, though, this wiring will be easier than I had expected it to be.  Progress!

In the early afternoon I took a walk with the puppies, on our usual route to the east of our home. We walked just over two miles, and it was very pleasant indeed.  The temperature was in the high 50s, the skies mostly clear, a light breeze, and the aroma of freshly mown hay filled the air.  The alfalfa fields we were walking by (at right) had been mowed just a few hours before; the giant mowers were still working in the distance.  At the mid-point of our walk we passed the field where the mowers were working – two huge machines that looked a lot like combines.  One was being driven by a young woman, sitting high above us, who gave the puppies a big smile and me a cheery wave as she turned her monster machine around at the end of a row.  The puppies were fascinated by the machines, and oddly enough, not at all afraid.  The drivers sit in comfortable chairs in air conditioned glass cubicles, and I could hear the music they were listening to over the noise of the machine.

I'll be concentrating on the electrical work again today...

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